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Transparent Processing Aid Factory Supplier

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Transparent Processing Aid Factory Supplier

H series transparent processing aid offers processing efficiency without negative affect on the optical properties, can promote the plasticization of PVC mixture and improve the transparency of PVC products.


    Excellent fusion and transparency.
    Better surface quality without flow liner and crystal point.

    Main Product Indexes




    White powder

    Apparent density(g/cm3)


    Volatile content (%)


    Granularity (30 mesh pass rate)


    Intrinsic viscosity



    All PVC products, particularly transparent sheets, transparent films and other blow molding products.

    Storage, Transportation, Packaging

    This product is a non-toxic, non-corrosive solid powder that is classified as non-dangerous goods for transportation, making it safe and easy to handle.
    It should be stored indoors in a cool and ventilated area to protect it from sun and rain exposure, with a storage period of 1 year. Before use, a performance test should be conducted to ensure it has not changed.
    Typically, the product is packaged in 25 kg bags, but custom packaging options are available to meet specific customer requirements.


    1. Professional R&D team
    Application test support ensures that you no longer worry about multiple test instruments.
    2. Product marketing cooperation
    The products are sold to many countries all over the world.
    3. Strict quality control
    4. Stable delivery time and reasonable order delivery time control.
    We are a professional team, our members have many years of experience in international trade. We are a young team, full of inspiration and innovation. We are a dedicated team. We use qualified products to satisfy customers and win their trust. We are a team with dreams. Our common dream is to provide customers with the most reliable products and improve together. Trust us, win-win.
    5.Our Team
    To be the stage of realizing dreams of our employees! To build a happier, more united and more professional team! We sincerely welcome abroad buyers to consult for that long-term cooperation plus the mutual advancement.

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