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Lubricant Manufacture Price

H series lubricant is polyol fatty acid ester, divided into internal lubricant and external lubricant. PVC lubricant can improve the flow of resin and mold release of products in plastic processing. External lubricant: External lubricant is less compatible with the resin; its role is to form a lubricant layer between the molding machine or mold and the resin to facilitate the flow of the resin and product demolding. Internal lubricant: The internal lubricant has good compatibility with the resin and can reduce the melt viscosity of the resin and improve its fluidity. It has good transparency and dispersion, H-60 is both good lubricant and effective stabilizer.


    Good flowability and metal strippability.
    Good transparency and dispersibility.

    Main Product Indexes




    Bulk Density (g/cm3)



    Refractive index (80℃)









    Volatile content(%)



    Dropping point(℃)




    Boards, profiles, pipe fittings, transparent sheets and heat shrinkable films etc.

    Storage, Transportation, Packaging

    This product is non-toxic, non-corrosive solid powder, which is non-dangerous good, can be treated as non-dangerous goods for transportation. It should be protected from exposure to the sun and rain, it is recommended to store in a cool and ventilated place indoors, the storage period is 1 year, and it can be used if there is no change after performance test. The packaging is generally 25 kg/bag, and it can be customized according to customer requirements.


    1. Professional R&D team
    Application test support ensures that you no longer worry about multiple test instruments.
    2. Product marketing cooperation
    The products are sold to many countries all over the world.
    3. Strict quality control
    4. Stable delivery time and reasonable order delivery time control.
    We are a professional team, our members have many years of experience in international trade. We are a young team, full of inspiration and innovation. We are a dedicated team. We use qualified products to satisfy customers and win their trust. We are a team with dreams. Our common dream is to provide customers with the most reliable products and improve together. Trust us, win-win.

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