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Deputy County Chief Wang Yawei and Xili Town leaders inspect company on May 13.

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Deputy County Chief Wang Yawei and Xili Town leaders inspect company on May 13.


On May 13th, our company had the privilege of hosting Deputy County Chief Wang Yawei from Yiyuan County and the esteemed leaders of Xili Town for an inspection of our operations. Their visit was an important opportunity for us to receive on-site feedback on the project schedule and demonstrate the progress we have made. As a key project in Zibo City for 2022, our project has garnered significant attention and support from the County Party Committee and the county government since its inception. This visit underscored their ongoing commitment to monitoring and guiding the development of the HTX project.

The county's dedication to the success of our project was exemplified by the presence of leaders from various departments, who conducted on-site evaluations of the construction progress. Their assessment of our performance was exceptionally positive, commending our company for its ability to capitalize on opportunities, overcome challenges, accelerate project construction, and achieve high-quality, high-volume project completion, culminating in a successful transition to trial production. These commendations are a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team, and we are honored to receive such recognition from the county's leadership.

Deputy County Chief Wang's words of encouragement further motivated us to strive for excellence and aspire to lead the way in the polymer industry. His endorsement of our potential to become industry leaders reaffirms our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation, efficiency, and impact within our field. We are inspired by his vision and will continue to channel our efforts toward pioneering advancements that set new standards and propel our company to the forefront of the polymer industry.

The visit from Deputy County Chief Wang and the leaders of Xili Town has fueled our determination to excel and reinforced the significance of our project in contributing to the economic and industrial development of the region. Their support and guidance serve as catalysts for our continued pursuit of excellence and leadership in the industry. We are grateful for their invaluable insights and unwavering support, and we remain dedicated to achieving remarkable progress and success in our endeavors.

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